Council Members

Dr. S. Krishnama CharyPresident
Dr. K. Krishna KumarVice President
Dr. Rama koteswara raoMember
Dr. S. RamachanderMember
Dr. G. Srinivasulu ReddyMember
Dr. Piedy SreeramuluMember
Dr. T. HarikrishnaMember
Dr. Ch. MalleshwariMember
Dr.Manmohan Singh, IAS (Vice-chancellor I/c, SVVU)Ex-Officio Member
Sri S. P. Singh, (VC I/c, SPVNRTSVU)Ex-Officio Member
Dr. D. Venkateswarlu (Director of Animal Husbandry)Ex-Officio Member
Dr. P. D. Kondala Rao (Chief Executive Officer, APLDA)Ex-Officio Member
Dr. G. Manjuvani(Managing Director, APSGDCFL)Ex-Officio Member
Dr. K. Krishna MurthyRegistrar

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IVC Act & Rules

  • "CLIENT' means legal owner of the patient or his representative.
  • "PATIENT" means an animal,bird or group of them subjected to treatment.


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IVC Acts & Rules

Indian Veterinary Council Act,1984

Duties of Veterinarian to Client and Patient
  • "CLIENT' means legal owner of the patient or his representative
  • "PATIENT" means an animal,bird or group of them subjected to treatment
  • A Veterinarian should be ever ready to respond to the need of sick/injured animal/bird
  • Once obliged, a Veterinarian should not neglect the patient nor withdraw prior notice.
  • The Veterinarian shall always be kind,tender and full of patience towards patient and attend with full concentration and consideration.
  • Veterinarian shall use any drug prepared under Pharmacological Principals Only.
  • A Vet Shall adopt necessary precautions like sterilization and sanitation.
  • A Veterinarian shall neither exaggerate nor minimize the gravity of patients condition.
  • Once obliged, a Veterinarian should not neglect the patient nor withdraw without prior notice.
  • The Vet is to inform the client about the danger potency in case of highly communicable diseases.
Duties of Veterinarian to the profession
  • Uphold the dignity and honour of the profession.
  • May affiliate himself/hereself with professional societies.
  • A Veterinarian should not connect himself with unqualified person to treat patient.
  • The incompetent,corrupt,dishonest or unethical conduct in profession shall be discouraged.
  • A Veterinarian should take up with full responsibility in treatment in the absence of fellow Vet.
  • A Veterinarian in Official position should monitor the report on an illness/injury of a patient from the Veterinarian in attendance.
Duties of Veterinarian to the Public
  • A Veterinarian shall advise on health and husbandry of animals in localities where they dwell.
  • A Veterinarian shall enlighten the public on quarantine regulation,prevention of the epidemics, zoonotic,food born and communicable diseases.
  • A Veterinarian should advise about livestock technologies on breeding, feeding management and health care.
Disciplinary Action

Under section 31 of the VCI ACt,Veterinary Council may award punishment to the veterinarian for offences,professional misconducts. Further they can remove the name from the Registered Veterinary Practitioner Register for a specific period.

Professional Misconducts
  • Improper conduct with patient.
  • Conviction by the court of law of offences involving moral turpitude.
  • Tampering with or providing false professional Certificates,documents,reports.
    • Vaccination Certificate
    • Soundness Certificate
    • Certificate indicating result of a test
    • PM report
    • Trauma Certificate
    • Birth Certificate
    • Certificate indicating reproductive defects
    • Certificate for Euthanasia
    • Quarantine clearance certificate
Professional Misconducts
  • A Veterinarian should maintain a register of Veterinary Medical Certificates issued with all details.
  • A While issuing a Certificate, mention correct age,sex,identification marks,name,owners name.
  • A Keep a copy of certificate issued in records.
  • Take an undertaking from the owner that he/she is the genuine owner of the patient with signature/thumb impression.
  • Contravention of the previous laws relating to a drug and regulation.
  • Selling a drug or poisonous chemicals to public.
  • Performing and enabling an unqualified person to perform illegal operation for which there is no medical,surgical or psychological indication.
  • Affixing a sign board on a chemist's shop or in place where the Veterinarian does not work or reside
  • While displaysing a-board/name plate,writing anything other than his/her name,qualification and reg number.
  • Before conducting operation/euthanasia not obtaining the consent of client in written.
  • Using touts or agents for procuring patients.

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