Council Members

Dr. S. Krishnama CharyPresident
Dr. K. Krishna KumarVice President
Dr. Rama koteswara raoMember
Dr. S. RamachanderMember
Dr. G. Srinivasulu ReddyMember
Dr. Piedy SreeramuluMember
Dr. T. HarikrishnaMember
Dr. Ch. MalleshwariMember
Dr.Manmohan Singh, IAS (Vice-chancellor I/c, SVVU)Ex-Officio Member
Sri S. P. Singh, (VC I/c, SPVNRTSVU)Ex-Officio Member
Dr. D. Venkateswarlu (Director of Animal Husbandry)Ex-Officio Member
Dr. P. D. Kondala Rao (Chief Executive Officer, APLDA)Ex-Officio Member
Dr. G. Manjuvani(Managing Director, APSGDCFL)Ex-Officio Member
Dr. K. Krishna MurthyRegistrar

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IVC Act & Rules

  • "CLIENT' means legal owner of the patient or his representative.
  • "PATIENT" means an animal,bird or group of them subjected to treatment.


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General Principals:

  • The main Objective of Veterinary Profession is to facilitate better animal production,ensuring Veterinary Public health.
  • The Veterinarian shall be sincere, modest, sober and prompt in discharging theduties.
  • The profession expects highest level of character and morals.
  • The veterinarian should gain the confidence and trust of the client.
  • Solicitation of client by a Vet directly or indirectly is unethical.
  • A Veterinarian should not advertise directly or indirectly through any material or media of the traders.
  • A Veterinarian shall limt his income to the fee received from the client
  • A Veterinarian can Patent surgical instrument,appliance or copy right the method/procedure
  • A Veterinarian shall not run an open shop for sale of medicine
  • A Veterinarian shall neither give nor accept any gift,gratuity,compassion,bonus for his service or treatments
  • Prescribing or dispensing secret medicines, remedial agents is unethical.
  • A Veterinarian shall observe the laws of the country in Veterinary practice and observe state acts like drug acts,Pharmacy act and other regulations.

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